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"These Places Are Not the Same as Before" is a collection of illustrations which attempt to capture the stillness of some of Beijing's hutongs. Though one is often first struck by the frenetic buzz of these narrow alleyways, the moments of the early morning, late evening or after rain are often incredibly peaceful and silent -- something seemingly implausible within a city of 26 million inhabitants. 

In the late spring of 2017, I began to witness the devastating consequences resulting from forced "renovation" which swept across the city. This resulted in enforced uniformity, and the destruction and closure of numerous establishments; sterilizing the once vibrant streets. Suddenly, I felt an urgent need to capture the hutongs as they were prior to the demolition and bricking.

dongcheng hutong at dusk
xicheng hutong at night
fangjia hutong
xicheng hutong
dongcheng hutong
fangjia hutong in the rain
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